Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Veggie Patch Shuffle

Saturday morning we got up early, so we could drive out to Rosewood to check out a car boot sale I had seen in the local newspaper.  Unfortunately the sale was a bit lackluster and rather lame, the drive was beautiful though.  We hadn't been out that particular way, and next time I will make sure to take my camera.  I did get a few photos with my mobile phone though.
We found a railway museum ( which looks quite interesting.  We will need to find time to go visit and look at the trains properly, maybe take a ride. Sounds like a good day trip one weekend for a few of us.

 It really is quite pretty countryside out there, and very green at the moment with huge blue skies.


We drove through Tallegalla on the way home, and pulled over to inspect an old cemetery on the side of a hill.  It had the most stunning views, and some really old graves.

It was still early in the morning, and we hadn't anticipated being home this early, so we had breakfast then a strategy meeting about what we should do with the rest of our unexpected time.
The veggie garden we have been slowly rebuilding for a while now, and there was one corner that needed doing that was currently mostly un-planted.  It is quite hard work, we needed to dig out all the soil, remove the railway sleeper edges (which are very heavy!).  Next Brett cuts some tin sheet to length, saws the sleepers in half.  We have to arrange the edges, and line it all up, hammer it into place. 

I pottered and weeded our new herb garden while Brett was cutting the edges to length.  The ducks and chickens were happy when I took them a wheel barrow full of fresh green weeds. That is for sure.

Hours passed as we toiled together, once the cutting was done, we put it together, and moved the soil into the new beds. We still have some old bricks and pavers lying around the place so we persuaded those into position between the beds as little pathways.  It is much easier to maintain the garden bed this way, can actually reach the veg and weeds in the centre of the beds. We had mixed manure and fertiliser into the soil, so the only thing left to do was plant!  We put in a few different things, so we wait now to see what sprouts. More tasty homegrown veg for me. Yum!

That evening, we had somehow managed to find a window where Norbie, John, Tara and ourselves were all free at the same time.  After dark they came over for dinner, we Hickory smoked some brisket in the BBQ, which we then put into some stock in the oven for a few hours until it fell apart, which is beginning to become on of my favourite recipes as the leftovers make awesome pies during the next few weeks. We are still perfecting this recipe, but we are getting quite close to perfection now I think.

We had it with a side of pan fried veggies, and some home made coleslaw which Ta helped me make. NOMNOM.

We ate dinner then talked into the wee hours of the morning, before everyone decided we really should get some sleep.  Sunday morning, I let out the ducks, tidied up a little, the boys put up a new tent we were given to make sure all the parts were there.  It was quite a chilly day really, it also passed quite quickly, we talked to the ducks and chickens, walked around the garden, watched tv.  John and Ta went home with some eggs for Brett's mum and some leftover coleslaw, seeing as usual we cooked for 10 people hahaha.

Brett and I had leftover brisket and coleslaw for dinner that night, and i froze the rest for pies.  It seems winter has finally arrived at our place, it is weather for fire, pies, soup and all manner of tasty goodness.