Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quickly it passes...

How quickly the shine wears off from the relaxed holiday feelings.  Work has been brutal since we returned, not wanting to think about it I therefore haven't had the inclination to write about it.  I was looking forward to solace in the garden, however it started to rain Friday afternoon, continued all night and then all day Saturday.

 Thankfully, we did need it as the lawn is brown, dry, dusty, and crackly underfoot.  This being forced to stay indoors did have some benefits of its own, some more doors and frames have been repainted.  We spent an age brainstorming, bouncing ideas and pricing goods to renovate our kitchen. We are attempting to do it on the not so expensive side, I believe we finally managed to agree on a plan of attack after two years of negotiation with each other. It isn't easy trying to renovate the entire room on a measly budget, it takes a lot of creativity, some of which looks like folly in hindsight.  It is exciting and fun to be planning our living space together, even if we don't always agree.

We also managed to squeeze in some general laziness and relaxation which we appreciated without the guilty feeling that we should be out in the sun landscaping away.

Our spoilt and well tended vegie patch is starting to be vibrant and green, beetroot,  and carrots are coming up, the peas have been flowering and the
potato is looking lush. The squash is starting to flower, and finally our sweet corn has germinated.

Our surprise tomato bush that miraculously sprouted in the correct spot without us planting any seeds has been a trooper.

These last few weeks I have been out to harvest kilo after kilo of juicy, firm, flavoursome, bright red, cherry tomatos.  It is finally giving up the ghost and I have sprinkled some of its seeds around hoping to repeat the unexpected success.   Also have planted some beans seeds today, yum.  There is nothing like fresh picked beans straight from the garden.

The trees have been looking a little extra sad on top of their late winter malaise. The task of watering the 40-odd trees we have planted this last year is quite epic.  A 10 litre watering can in each hand, we trudge up and down the yard giving my trees the life saving drink they require. It isn't easy, wears me out that is for sure, but it is a labour of love, once these guys get their feet in the ground and someday manage to straggle to a height that is taller than my measly five foot high, I shall reap the rewards with many different types of fruit. Not to mention the well deserved mid summer shade. This 48 hours of rain is a welcome reprieve, however won't tide the trees over for long.  As you can tell from the picture's I took this morning when the sun broke it is almost like it never happened.

The garden is about to burst at the seams, the lemon tree is heavy with fruit, as my orange and mandarin look lifeless beside it.  The nectarine has sprung into life, its carrying far to many for its whippy frame. Once again the mango looks lifeless as it puts on one leaf a season, or at least that is how lethargic it appears to be. My pawpaw never recovered from the floods early this year, one fell over recently and the other looks set to follow suit. The passionfruit is taking over the greenhouse roof and is the greenest thing in the garden.

My favourite plant, the jasmine i planted outside my bedroom window has flowered and smells delightful! I cant wait for the long summer nights with the scent wafting in through our bedroom, as it mingles with rosemary scent that I have under planted it. Already as you walk around there are scents that were not there last year.  The citrus is heavy with flowers, basil, mint, and all the other herbs as well.  The Apple is starting to bud. It is all on the cusp of beauty.

Some of Last Years Frogs :)

The frogs are waking from their hibernation coating the air with their calls. More bird wildlife are visiting as the grevillia, and other natives we have put in start to flower. We even saw two kangaroos hopping through the block next door, and jump the fence to the block behind us.  We have seen them down the road before but never directly from the yard.

We managed to find some pavers for the firepit, we just need a few more and it is finally complete.  The only step left is to find some Bauhinia seeds and germinate them.  The wall of green that will run around the outside shall help create an illusion of privacy. B is doing a great job, I am helping when and where I can, but this project is really his baby.

 The garden is waking up, this is my favourite time of the year.  As the wildlife returns, and everything flowers.  It is very exciting.....

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alichick8 said...

Oh WOW girl! The garden is looking amazing!! Pass on my admiration to 'B' on his firepit & tell him I'm keen to try out some marshmellows on it once it's up & cracking!! I bet all the smells are just incredible. And the wildlife will give you so many more things to take photos of! It's all looking really really good. Got any taddy's at the moment?