Sunday, 13 November 2011

A day for exploring

My mum came to visit us this weekend, it was wonderful.  We spent Saturday afternoon just talking, and catching up. We spent ages wandering through the garden looking at new plants that we put in, what is flowering and anything new.  B made us a beautiful dinner of T-Bone steak and Vegies fresh from the garden. It doesn't get any better than 30 minutes from garden soil to plate on a table.  It still amazes me the difference in flavour and texture from what we purchase at the store.

After we all ate our fill and then some, B decided to leave us to our chats and giggles so he could visit his brother for the evening. We then stretched out on the couch watched a movie, chattered away and ate lots of lollies.

Sunday morning we went through some photo's of our New Zealand holiday, but as the morning quickly progressed we decided to go exploring, which is our favourite thing to do.  No plan, no real direction just turn on the car and drive.

We went to the markets nearby and picked up a thing or two.... headed for Gatton, explored there for a while found some shops that were open and bought some beautiful items.  Had Subway for lunch and decided to head home.

 On the way home we took a few different turns from normal and drove for an hour heading for the hills in front of us, we had an idea where we were, no maps or time schedule just took in the country side.  Farms, trees, open grasslands. It was very pretty, and quite an exciting drive.

We explored along Mt sylvia road all the way from Gatton towards Mt Sylvia . it was picturesque. We passed an organic Pecan orchard it was exciting!  All those trees I never knew where there, and they were huge! Row after row of them.   We drove until we ran out of road at East Haldon, where we saw some people swimming in what looked to be a refreshing waterhole beside the road.   We turned around and went back along the same way to Gatton.  We saw a goat dairy with many little goats playing. Then hills, paddocks, rolling greens and browns all along, we came across this lovely little place with the most flowers I have ever seen packed in one front yard! Inspiring.  We drove past a pub in the middle of no-where and discovered where the Nolan Vegetable Trucks come from.

All in all it was a pleasant day, and a wonderful weekend.  I had a great time and am now thoroughly worn out. Time to go the garden and harvest more vegies for dinner I think, then a well deserved nap.  I love exploring our exciting surrounds.

 Maybe next week I will be more productive.......

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