Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Thought it was about time to check in, the last week or so has flown by.  I am on holiday,  YAY, no work for a month.  It is a very strange feeling not having to be at work, or stress about work, and only needing  to figure out how I am going to entertain myself for the day.  Unfortunately B is still working, so every morning he gets up early and goes to work, leaves me sleeping in.

I have been very productive with my time which is why it has flown by so quickly, where to start?

Boxing Day:

KT was free this day, so we decided to create some home made Feta cheese, and Rose Soap.

We decided on soap first, we thought this would take the longest and be the messiest of the two.  KT had bought a kit online from it had everything we needed, so it was a surprisingly easy process. The stirring went on forever though, took us an hour and a bit to stir it by hand with a wooden spoon, thinking next time we might purchase a cheap second hand mix master to speed things up a little.  It needs to set for six weeks, but in the meantime my house smells like turkish delight, Yummy.

Cheese making for us, is slightly familiar territory, I had received a kit for Christmas the year before and we had tried a few from that.  KT had purchased a kit with the soap making stuff, so we decided to try hers.  It was a tedious process, helped by a few dozen pear ciders, mostly consisted of hovering around the stove trying to keep the milk at an even temperature, KT did a good job of this as I nattered away at her from the corner.  Eventually it was ready to strain and hang for a few hours.  It was delish, the flavour developed over the next week, and it is certainly something we will make again.  The best thing about this new kit is it uses pasteurised milk you can buy anywhere!

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alichick8 said...

It looks very odd but glad it worked out well!!