Sunday, 4 November 2012

 Dawn broke Saturday morning shining on a beautiful day in the Lockyer Valley. At 5am I awoke and was unable to close my eyes again....I just wanted sleep in, but my body had other plans.  

Unable to sleep I got up, let out the cats, and stumbled out to see my girls, three fat ducks, and three chatty chickens.    They love to be let out in the yard on the weekends.  Clucking and cooing they rush the door before I can even grab the door handle.  I played and chatted with them for a while, then went back to bed until the others woke up.

Katie and Bob stayed Friday night, we had some laughs, and an early night.  Our mission Saturday was to go to the Mulgowie Markets and check it out.  It is just past Laidley, so not far from our house.


It is only on the first Saturday of every month, we have been trying all year to find a date we were all free and able to go....difficult to co-ordinate sometimes.  We all got up early and piled into the car, we drove through Laidley, then past some beautiful farms, and scenery.

We arrived early at the markets, easily found a car park.  The area was stunning, beautiful hills and farms all around us.

The markets were smaller than I expected, I was starting to worry I wouldn't find anything.  Needn't have though, we walked around the stalls, within a few minutes I had opened my purse.  It was less of a farmers market and more of a community market, but good none the less.

Breakfast was the foremost thought on our minds, and the wonderful smells of the grills drew us all towards the Bacon and egg burgers that were being made with fresh produce right before our eyes.

I bought some bread, tomato jam, fresh corn, fresh bread, Goat Haloumi, Goat camembert and some organic garlic.  We also picked up a dozen Bottle Brush to add to our hedge we are planting in beside the chicken coop. 

We saw this old school diesel tractor, they took off the steering wheel, to use it in the side as a key to start the motor.  It was really interesting to watch.

Soon enough we had all bought more than we could carry, and drove home to put our goods away.  As we had arrived back home at 9.30am we decided to go for a drive back out the Atkinson Dam for a look at its beauty, and to explore the surrounding valley.

The boys killed time skipping stones, whilst Katie and I amused ourselves taking photos of our surroundings.
It was a lovely relaxing morning.
We drove around the dam, looking to see if we could find a spot where no one else was, and we did find one spot where we could get a pic of some pelicans and lovely rusty old 1930s Truck.

Finally hunger got the best of us, we drove home were all our purchases from the markets were waiting for us to eat it all up for lunch.  Lunch was awesome we had a spread of delish food.  Advocado, Free range Organic ham, Nannybert (Goat cheese), home grown cherry tomatoes, Salami, awesome olives grown not far from my house, Tomato jam, Garlic mustard, home made tomato relish, onion jam, herb oil and bacon, cheese bread.  

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