Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Productive day....

 Saturday was a beautiful and productive day.....
the morning began with us working on our outdoor entertaining area (Bonfire pit!) which is taking shape finally. As there are only the two of us it is slow work. The old railway sleepers are extremely heavy and difficult to move.

We are now working on the surrounding garden bed, we are planning on creating a hedge for privacy. We are thinking bottlebrush,  or some other form of callistemon at this stage, as we are planning fire in the centre the outside plant needs to be very hardy.

We also watered and took care of the vegie gardens, fruit trees, bonsai's and the green house. It has been very windy the last few days and although it is cold everything seems to dry out quickly.

Around lunch time I had my fill of dirt, wind, and sun! I went inside to see what I could create in the kitchen.  With the left over roast lamb and veg that I had frozen from last week I made two different casseroles. Both will taste great on their own with mash potato, but will also be delish pie fillings! I also managed to make a soup and a stock with the bones and some extra veg! Not only is it nom-nom-nomy but it makes life easy, after work I or B can just open the freezer and defrost something. Fast food at its best!

After cooking all that lamb (and taste testing!) I didn't feel like lamb for dinner, so we defrosted some steak, minced it up with the hand grinder to make burger patties. I found some turkish bread in the cupboard and we always have bacon in stock :P
VERY filling, very delish burgers with home made relish. :)
Soon all the tomato's we planted will be ready and i can make another batch of tomato and onion relish! we are almost running out, which is not allowed I'm told :P

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alichick8 said...

You're such a little farmer Jen. I love it!!