Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another day in Paradise

Once again the weekend is over!

Our garden is bursting at the seams, flowers everywhere, tree's fruiting, the grass is actually green.  The birds have been around all day, Lorikeets in the flowering palm trees and in the Grevillia by the front door, cheeky mites they are.  I saw a massive crow steal an egg from a pigeons nest, while the poor pigeon tried desperately to shoo him away.  Butterflies, bees, and lady birds galore! I love this time of year.

We planted two more trees, another Fig tree (B's Favourite) and a Blue Quandong, which is a rainforest tree, but with some luck, and some babying it should be okay.  The Nectarine has loads of juicy looking fruit, the apple tree is valiantly trying for the first time to produce us many apples, the lemon tree is heavy with lemons. Everything is producing and growing quickly.

Our hours were spent finalising small details in the kitchen, and filling up the cupboards again! FINALLY!
No more pots and pans in the linen cupboard or the spare bed. Many hours cleaning the pit as during the kitchen make-over We ignored all other chores, tons of laundry, vaccuming, re-arranging.  Bleached the cats bathroom as the muddy little tykes put dirt all up the walls during wet weather :) (lucky we love them)

So this weekend was highly productive, however not the least bit exciting. Chores, gardening, enjoying the wildlife, harvesting vegetables for freezing and for dinner.  Finally my guest room, and my computer room are organised.  I feel much better now we are in control of our surroundings, no more sanders, paint tins, powertools to clutter up the place.

aahhhh paradise.........

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