Monday, 10 October 2011


This week has been many painstaking hours getting ALL the little details correct. Lots of sanding and painting of walls and doors, which although a little fun at first becomes a task.

All the while cooking on the dining table, and doing dishes in the laundry. It had a faint air of excitement to start with due to being a different routine, but has become a little annoying. We are both being patient as we know its a means to an end. However I'm dying to cook in the kitchen!

Friday night we sanded and primed the walls, as well as bolted the bench into its final place.
We thankfully have managed, with some difficulty all the heavy lifting.  We knew that being hardwood it was going to be heavy as well as difficult to cut but I was shocked at quite how dense it was. My poor little arms were very happy when we put it in place for the last time. 

I am ecstatic that all the blue is finally erradicated from my kitchen! Painting that away was a pleasure and much to B's amusement I was so happy I sang as we sanded, primed, painted the walls.(it may have been that I sang snippets of painting the roses red from Disneys Alice in wonderland for ages before changing the words to suit our tasks, poor B)

The room somehow appears a lot larger space than when blue. My brain was telling me that the space had changed size when I knew we had only painted.

Many hours we spent Saturday working hard. Then B decided he wanted a break, it was time to plant some trees. We had a thunderstorm that morning and plenty of rain, so our usual concrete ground was soft enough to dig.  We planted more bottlebrush, a pink cedar, and a scotia (or drunken parrot tree).

We then harvested the rest of our peas, some beetroot, and carrots for dinner with lamb chops. It was delish, steamed the peas with beetroot leaves in the microwave, roasted onion n beetroot wrapped in alfoil, while B got a lemon from our tree to marinate the lamb chops before cooking them on the BBQ.

That night there was more painting, B sanded the benchtop, so we could finally give it the first coat of lacquer. We were advised by B's dad to use a marine grade polyureathane, which after brief research did seem to be the best option. It went on easy enough, but the fumes were awful. The house was nearly impossible to breathe in. As both the bench and many cupboard doors were wet we had to lock the cats in with us that night. Manny was quite happy and purred himself to sleep on our bed, Willis wasnt very impressed that he couldnt run amok while we slept.

Sunday morning broke and we again jumped into the work. As all the doors need at least two coats of paint it was a repeat of saturday, sanding,painting, giggling.  Again the kitties slept the night with us, Willis registering his complaint from 3.30am until dawn, little does he know we have to do this every night this week.

There is light at the end of the tunnel now however. Just a few things left to do.

*Lacquer the benchtop (requires 5 coats, 24 hours to dry in between)
*Sand, paint cupboard doors and drawers, attach hinges, door handles
*Put up splashback (plexi and tiles)
*Paint walls (final coat)
*Put in sink, stove
*Put in dishwasher
*Fix oven cavity
*Decide on a kickboard and attach

I'm sure im forgetting a few things, but at least we are on the re-assemble stage and there is a small light at the end of the tunnel...

(Please forgive me if my typing,grammar or thought process not up to scratch this week, as im posting this blog from my phone on our way to work!!)

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