Monday, 22 April 2013

I got my Engagement Ring!

I got my Engagement Ring!!!!

 It is finally complete.  I was so nervous about it.  I sifted through many designs and websites, it took me weeks of careful, thorough research.  I didn’t want to get it wrong, after all I would be seeing it on my hand for the rest of my life.  I had started to get disheartened, I simply couldn’t find what I was looking for.  No matter how long I searched the internet, and poured over jewellers catalogues.   Eventually I decided to design it myself, after all I had an idea of what I didn’t want.  I didn’t want something that is in every 
jewellery store window, or too fine and finicky.  I wanted something that would catch the eye, but still be me.  I am not a dainty little lady, and I wanted something bold and chunky to catch the light.

I decided to have it made in Palladium as it is a very rare metal, and strong.  Plus it won’t need the upkeep of other metals.  The bonus is that it is conflict free, allergy free, and a better price point than Platinum. (  Plus the main factor is that it is very shiny, would certainly catch the light!

A Cushion cut was an easy choice for me, not as popular as the Round Brilliant Cut, but I have always liked its shape, so I didn’t need to think too hard about that.  Luckily working in the jewellery trade for all of my life, I have met the right people to help me get my ring made. I also have the experience to take care of it myself.   Brett and I went to see the Diamond Wholesaler, and walked away with my 1ct Diamond the same day.  Brett has been wonderful throughout this, he has always known I wanted to make/buy my own ring and has let me design it without hesitation.   We contacted the jeweller my Dad recommended and got started.

The result is now I am wearing my Engagement ring and marvelling at how bright it is, every time I type the diamond flashes and catches my eye.  Finally I feel engaged.  Brett said the night we picked it up, “now it is real.  Now we are engaged “with a big grin on his face.  He proposed in January, but now in April it feels real.  I can move forward with all the other tasks involved in getting married, such as the Engagement party! 

 (I have been struggling to photograph it accurately! It is too shiny)

So much has been happening while I was planning and designing away, the world kept turning, the days growing ever shorter as we march towards winter.  My sister had her baby, a beautiful boy they named Austin, I am an Aunty!! I held him when he was a few days old, and it was love at first sight.  I only wish I could be closer to them, so I can see him and hold him every day.  I have been receiving photos almost daily, and it is a joy to see how much he has grown already, in such a short space of time.   I will enjoy watching him grow into a little man and watching them grow as a family.

We also re-arranged our living room, made a smaller fish tank.    Brett had an old 1977 television he was storing at his mums house, so we decided that it would make the most funky fish tank.  It took almost no time at all to transform, and I love it.  I think it looks awesome.  The living room feels much bigger now, and much more complete.  Four years after we moved into this house I feel like the lounge/dining room is finished.   Our water pump, died and needed replacing, that was fun, a little extra worry into our month, but that is okay, we got through it.

Sadly we lost one of our chickens this month, I didn’t feel right replacing her.  It just wouldn’t be the same.  So we decided, instead of getting a new chicken we would introduce another duck into the flock.  We drove out to Coominya (about 25 mins from our house) to a property there, where I had found Muscovy ducks for sale.  I was very excited, however I was not prepared for the amount of ducks they had! I went into some sort of ‘oh my god so many cute ducks coma!’  I simply couldn’t single out just one that I would take home.  I wanted them all.  I swear there were about 50 or more. Brett noticed my eagerness to collect as many of the ducks as we could possibly fit into the car, and took control.  He picked a beautiful coloured one from among the throng.  She was so tiny, only 3 months old I think.   Keeping with the Game of Thrones theme, we name her Osha, as she is our little wildling plucked from the hordes.  Hahahaha.
She has settled in well with our flock and is fattening up nicely.  She is still a bit wary of humans, but I think that is her young age and in time she will realise that we are the keepers of tasty foods.   We were told that she is a girl, but that remains to be seen, I eagerly wait for her first egg.  The girls have all stopped laying this week, it is starting to get chilly, and VERY foggy in the mornings when I go out to Winterfowl  (the name of their coop).   Winter is Coming.

This weekend was starting to be a bit cool, but what wonderful weather we had.  Crisp clear blue skies, brilliant green countryside. It was a joy.  My mum stayed Saturday night, I haven’t seen her in a while.  We went to Schultz meat tavern for some Osso Bucco cuts, mum bought us many tasty cuts of meat for the freezer, Yum! Thanks mum! After the butcher, we went home to relax for the day.  I made Osso Bucco and Jam Roly Poly for her, delicious!! Then we snuggled on the couch to watch Game of Thrones for the rest of the night. Sunday morning I slept in until 8am!  It was a gorgeous day, big blue skies, and wide green country.  We went out to the Fernvale Markets to wander and see what was around.  I bought new hats for Brett and I, and saw LOTS of cute little puppies for sale, I was very tempted.  Fresh organic pecans Yum!  A quick stop at the lifeline, where mum bought me the biggest jacket I’ve ever seen, it is so very heavy. It is absurd and I love it!  Back home through the scenic Lockyer Valley, where we waited for Brett to arrive home for lunch.  I made, duck eggs,  bacon, Cheese Kranskies and we had Bread rolls.  It was way too much food, but very tasty.  I really felt like a nap afterwards.   It really was a beautiful day, Brett headed outside to potter around, and I chatted with the ducks for a while until dinner time.  Leftover Osso Bucco, nomnom, and roly poly.  What an awesome weekend.
Brett and I are doing well, both still enjoying the lovely weather, and each other’s company.  The next few months are booked out with lots of events most weekends.  People getting married, bucks, hens, parties, Greek fest, Brett is also working weekends somewhere in there, it is going to be a hectic year.  Plus we have to plan our wedding!!! :D

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