Friday, 10 May 2013

Dad's 60th

Saturday 4th May broke with a beautiful morning, shining skies, as well as clear crisp day.   Together with Brett,  I managed to sleep in which was lovely, quite relaxing.  Then he pottered around outside in the garden.  I had plans to get up early run, then do some housework, catch up on some weeding also time with the ducks.  Instead I snuggled under my feather doona with my Android Tablet as I spent the morning scouring wedding sites all over the internet for wedding ideas.  

I kept thinking just 5 more minutes,  I will get up,  get organised,  take the day on.  However I was so engrossed in the warmth, luxurious, decadence of lying in bed whilst viewing the internet 2 hours passed by quite quickly.  I had at least seen many things of interest, saved many ideas for reviewing later on.   Brett found me, laughed then asked me if this is what housework looks like these days as he kindly helped me out of bed.   We had just enough time to shower, get dressed, throw presents into the car before starting the journey to the Gold Coast.

Today was the party planned for my father’s 60th Birthday.  We left home at 10am, leaving us plenty of time to arrive by 12pm.  Blasted the music,  drove off down the long Warrego Highway.  I took a few photo’s with my phone out the window, we chatted lazily about wedding ideas.  Eventually we got through the traffic to arrive at my Grandfather’s house, where some family was starting to arrive, whilst others put up decorations.  My Aunty Jill, and Mia had arranged everything nicely, food was on the go, balloons were being blown up as we walked in.  We found my father, hugged then congratulated him.

Friends of Dad’s arrived, we were all introduced to everyone,  we started to chat, mingle,  admire the beautiful day on the canal.  I amused myself taking photos of everyone, decorations, food, everything I could see.   We had a massive spread of many roast meats with Salad for lunch. Champagne flowed freely.    I huggled Austin any chance I got, which was difficult as everyone wanted to see, hug or hold him.  He was a very good boy, obliged all by cuddling everyone.  

All the family, children all smiles running around caused me think of all the fun times we had playing in that house when we were kids.  Making ‘mud pies’ , sand castles on the beach at the canal.  Diving , playing or fishing on the jetty.  Lots of us with our cousins running around giggling, smiling.  Now their children doing the same thing, running around smiling in the clear Queensland Sun.  We chatted with friends of dads, kids, family I haven’t seen in a bit of time, catching up.

Eventually the day started to wind down, the three of us girls presented dad with his gift of Scotch Glasses filled with nice chocolates.  Then we started to say our goodbyes.  The goodbye process takes about half an hour to complete, a hug from everyone a quick chat, all the while trying to work my way towards the door as we go.

The drive home was uneventful, I tried not to fall asleep after all the food, champagne, lollies I had managed to consume.  I chatted with Brett trying not to drift off.  It was dark when we arrived home, so we snuggled on the couch, unwound by watching Tv enjoying drinking some white wine.  Brett tinkered with an old 1970s record player that used to belong to my Granddad that my father had given to us.  I sifted through the pile of dusty old records, wondering how many times my nanna had listened to these.  Sleep did not come easily that night, we stayed up quite late processing the day, opening wine bottles.

Cormorant in a tree in my backyard Sunday morning :D

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