Monday, 29 August 2011


The weekend is over, once again we venture into town to work for the man. Hopefully this week will not be as mind breaking as the last one.
It is a stunningly crisp warm day, and just like that winter is gone!
Seems a waste to spend such a day indoors.
I feel a bit ill this morning from eating far too much dinner last night.  I made a bolognase sauce with the last of the harvested cherry tomatos, left over bacon, some steak which i minced up. Yum!
At the last minute B remembered his stepmums yummy shepherds pie we tasted while in New Zealand.  So a flurry of activity, some minor alterations, potato was mashed and cheese grated and voila shepherds pie went into the oven.
Unfortunatey it was too delish and i ate enough for two people... now i paying for it....nom nom nom.*sigh* monday here we go....

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alichick8 said...

I had Shepphard's Pie just a little while ago- twas YUM! Thankfully yes I do think winter is gone for another year... HUZZAH!