Monday, 5 September 2011

Perfect Clarity

Our Pea's are growing faster than ever this year!
B is extremely happy his squash finally decided to flower!
This is dinner before I washed it and cooked it.
The beetroot leaves are like yummy spinach when cooked!

Some green creeping back into our lawn.
The backyard looked so different at the beginning of the year.

Kookaburra sharing Father's Day with us,
awaiting his daily mince.
My first straggly sunflower of spring!

Someone else who enjoys the Jasmine as much as I do.

Sunning on my Daisy!

My Favourite Flowers, you can almost smell the musky scent..

These two love to make mischief in the Grevillia we planted by the
front door.

Manny hiding in the long grass stalking his prey....

Beauty can be in the smallest of things.

 I was completely unmotivated this weekend just past, as such I accomplished very little.  It was beautiful weather so I indulged myself and spent the day with my camera, no surprise there. As you can see...
These are snapshots of our lives and I believe they tell more than my words ever could. So this week I choose to be lazy and merely caption these little windows to our world.  

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