Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kitchen Rejuvenation

The last fortnight has been all about preparation.  Making sure there is enough food to reheat as our stove and oven will be out of action for a while.  Making sure we have all the materials we need to get started, the wood for our new counters, the paint, etc.   Writing list after list after list, trying to get my mind around this massive task we have chosen.  I am a big fan of lists, I wrote one for all the materials, one for the process we will have to go through, one for all the items I have to make sure to have on hand for the next few weeks (cups, plates, bowls, cutlery)

The worst stage was emptying the kitchen.  Going through all the drawers, cupboards and tucked away places, finding items of culinary delight that I simply HAD to buy, use a few times and completely forget about.  Trying to find homes for these items all over the house. MY poor Kittens are very confused.
Finally we managed to empty the kitchen of items, I cleaned it one more time in preparation for destruction. Which we earmarked for Saturday, during the week B has been preparing and painting the cupboard doors, but soon the real fun would begin.

Saturday morning broke like any other, we were both a little excited and nervous.  It was decided before the heat of the day set in we would do our usual wander through the garden, make sure nothing need watering or any other attention.  Check to see how the new shade cloth was doing over the vegie patch that was being brutalised by the hot spring sun. After we attended to the needs of the many plants and our Bonsai which need eternal care, it was time to begin.

Our Kitchen before the destruction.

I should begin by saying although our kitchen has been functional it has always annoyed me. The colour for one, the paint that looked like 4 year olds had a lot of fun.  Not to forget those AWFUL tiles.  My pet hate is grout, all those little tiles made for a lot of grout, therefore a lot of cleaning and bleaching.  The grout work wasn't even consistent, not a single line was straight, even or well done at all. We had a problem with the front tiles on the bench falling off. It is quite difficult to tell from the photo's but being in there every minute I can it is the little things that started to bug me.

We started the project with excitement and vigour.  It was easy enough.  Remove all remaining cupboard doors, turn off water and power to remove stove, and sink, this was time consuming but not difficult.
Then it came time for the tiles.  The bench tiles were easy, as it seems the former owner had decided to cheat and simply tile over the existing Pink laminate and wood bench top. B chiseled at the tiles as I danced around him with a dust pan and brush trying desperately to minimise any mess, as well as moving the tiles out of the way.  We worked well like this for quite a time.

Maybe we fell into a false sense of security, we were still energetic after hours and still worked with a sense of glee.  It was decided we would take off the wall tiles before removing the old pink laminate bench. As B started on the walls I heard a sound of surprise, after all these years I know when B makes that sound something hasn't gone according to plan.  I am still not sure what we were expecting knowing the methods the former owners have used in every other section of the house, which are all structurally sound if not a little peculiarly implemented. A large section of the wall had removed with the tiles, it seems that they had previously broken the wall then used tile glue to repair and simply tile over the surface, time and again.  So when me and my I hate these tiles self comes along and decides to rip them off.......... THE entire wall came with them. Again not sure what we expected, but wasn't quite that.  So as you can see from the photo's most if not all of the wall where the tiles where came off with said tiles.

We were optimistically hoping the tiles would simply come off and we could replace them with our chosen splashback, oh well not to be. Adds a little extra time onto our reno plans though!!!

Not exactly according to plan, but life is an adventure, and now we get to learn how to use/replace gyprock...............

Stayed tuned for more adventures of the Kitchen destruction, next week hopefully preparing the Ironbark hardwood timber we bought raw to replace all those tiles! ......

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