Monday, 12 September 2011

Cooking up a storm!

We are in full swing for the kitchen renovation, finally after so many little decisions and a few big ones.  There are still many things left on the list of things to figure out a few colours here and there, hinges, door handles etc. however the Big thing was the kitchen bench, splash backs, dishwasher.... and we have worked those out!  I won't give away any details today though. It has finally become time to prepare, as I am quite pedantic I like to start early so I don't have to rush.

The weekend was beautiful, although EXTREMELY windy, I hate the wind, it makes me anxious, all that sound and movement!! Willis and I usually stay indoors on such occasions, and this was no different.

So indoors we crept while B and Manny frolicked outdoors in the wind. I decided to make a month worth of food, so I can make sure we eat well, even without a kitchen.  Microwave dinners aren't my style, we both really dislike preservatives, not to mention we eat as much organic food as we possible can, the thought of a month worth of take away dinners is not very appetising. I rolled up my sleeves, I cleaned the kitchen and began. Firstly I ventured outside to harvest from our Cherry tomato plant once again to make a bolognase sauce, into which I crammed as many vegies as I could. I let that simmer on the stove all day before turning it into 2 lasagne, each a little different, one with triple smoked ham layers added, the other with spinach.

During this frenzy I also made Lamb Curry, a Chicken, asparagus, mushroom and Leek Pie, calzones, Asian Beef casserole and some stock. After the kitchen as well as the dishes were cleaned for the millionth time I started on dinner, which was decided we would have Creole chicken burritos with home made salsa, and guacomole.

The freezer is currently stocked with home made sausage rolls, red wine beef casserole, various home made soups, stews, more pasta sauces and vegetable pie filling.  I am hoping (believing!) that this will keep us fed for a month, I think it will take at least that long to pull apart the kitchen and remake it into a beautiful room.  I am making lists and lists and lists of things to buy,  idea's that might work to increase our meagre storage space. We are going to have our hands full, but I am convinced we can do it.  I shall be taking before and after shots, not to mention a million during photos that is for sure, so you will not miss out on the fun.

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